1. "To be without a woman, is to be without life"

    1. - Somali Proverb

  2. "Take time and courage to find your passion. Test it and then follow it. Never build a business based on the desire to make big money. It won’t bring success or fulfillment to your life. Only following your true passion will give you enough power to break through and become successful in what you do. Without it, you may end up building a mediocre career doing boring things."
  3. Even Marley knows the deal…”Stop Telling Women to Smile” 

  4. Faatimah & Desiree of the Mondésir Collection

  5. Crystal - Visual Artist/Yoga Instructor 

  6. Fro Yo Date Night, Atlanta, GA

  7. The artist behind the “Stop Telling Women to Smile” campaign wheat pasting in downtown Atlanta, GA.

  8. The Golden Electric Tour Going Down (Under)


  9. "I’m not qualified to judge anyone. If you listen to the lyrics of Q.U.E.E.N, there’s a question being asked. “Is it peculiar that she twerk in the mirror?” These are things that women need to ask themselves. They need to ask themselves, “Are we in control of our bodies? Are we trying to make money and bring attention using our bodies? What types of things can we do to promote more or less misogyny, or less sexism? How can we really fight against those stereotypes and those shackles that men and women have placed on us? What can we do to help the next generation of young girls? How can we redefine what it means to be sexy?” I definitely consider myself a feminist and a “womanist”, and I want to redefine the whole notion of what sexy is. I want to fight against sexism and to help nurture the female and the female body."
    — Janelle Monáe

  10. "Assimilation into the ruling class does not undo the structures that oppress people. For me, gay marriage is a distraction from issues that unite queer people with other marginalized folks. Dealing with the way that homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, impact education, health care, housing, and employment would be a more useful endeavor than symbolic songs like “Same Love.” Marriage is an institution that affords people all kinds of benefits in our country and for me, the question is why those benefits are only available through this one act; why can’t everybody just have what they need, regardless of whether they are married or not?"

    Dr. Moya Bailey

    Read the rest of the article here: http://bit.ly/1dJCNfV

    (My sentiments exactly….)

  11. Me amusing Cheryl Clarke after her reading from her classic book “Living as a Lesbian” in Atlanta, GA. She’s quite the comedian herself! Not to mention…a LIVING LEGEND! :)


  13. "And whether the force that propelled the use of gun, or hand, or knife in the cases referenced above was sexism, misogyny, disdain of homosexuals, or all of the above, the killing of black women, black women loving women, by black men is a clarion reminder that the want for power and the afforded privileges offered to straight/queer/trans men folk—black, brown, and white—has dangerous and violent consequences. Murder is but one."
    — Darnell L. Moore
  14. "Fail and Fail Often" - Deep Cotton (http://www.deepcotton.net)

  15. Flying High in North Carolina